Environmentally-friendly fruit and melon flies controlling product – BASCA

Fruit and melon flies are serious pests in fruit and vegetable cultivations losing about 40-80 % of total yield during pre and post harvesting stages. this situation is considered as serious loss for the country’s economy. Existing fruit and melon fly controlling products are either synthetic or seriously damage to environmental friendly, non target, beneficial insects, and human. BASCA is an environmental friendly, 100% natural, non hazardous fruit and melon flies controlling product, formulated using extracts of medicinal plant Ocimum sanctum L. The technology of the product was developed by ITI as an output of private public partnership project (PPP) jointly funded by CIC and NRC. Efficacy of the product was tested by Department of Agriculture and technology was transferred to CIC Holdings for commercialization.


 Fruit Fly Controlling Formulation









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