Paper and Boards






Carbon Paper

Typewriter / Pencil


Corrugated Boards / Cartons





Thickness, Grammage of, combine, Combined grammage,

Grammage of separated liners

Bursting strength of board up to 5 ply

Bursting strength of board 7 ply

Water absorption, Box compressio

Puncher resistance, Flat crush, Edge crush, Drop test (Boxes)


Kraft Paper Bag/ Paper Sack

Dimensions, Moisture content, Air resistance, TEA, Tensile/

Stretch at Break, Grammage, Tensile/ Stretch at Break/ Tear,

Tear. Porosity, Bursting strength


Packing Material

Thickness (Total), Material Combination, Thickness per ply


Paper and Boards

Grammage, Cobb sizing, Bulk

G. S. M. (Weight of the paper), Tensile strength both (MD,

CD), Tear strength both (MD, CD), Bulking Thickness,

Weight of the fiber content, Tensile Index, Tear Index,

Grammage (2 ply), Stiffness, Quality of Paper, Wood Free,

Substance Gsm Tensile strength/index, Stretch at break,

Bursting strength / index, Folding Endurance, Water

absorption, cobb, Tear strength, Porosity Gurley,

Smoothness, Softness, Brightness, Opacity, Fiber analysis,

Moisture content, pH Value, Thickness


Paper Sack

Tensile Index, Stretch, Tensile Energy Absorption, Burst

Index (Wet & Dry), Tear Index, Grammage (2 ply), Grammage Inner Ply


Security Paper

Erasure of washable per ink, Thickness

Air Porocity, Tearing resistance

Grammage, Tensile Index

Tearing Strength, Folding Endurance

Fiber identification, Sensitivity for solvents, Erasure of ball

point ink

Erasure of washable pen ink, Total per sample






































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