Journal Publications - 2019

Publications in Refereed Journals

  1. Abeysekera, W.P.K.M., Arachchige, S.P.G., Abeysekera, W.K.S.M., Ratnasooriya, W.D., Medawatta, H.M.U.I. (2019). Antioxidant and glycemic regulatory properties potential of different maturity stages of leaf of Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomumzeylanicum Blume) in vitro. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine : 1-10.
  2. Champa, W.A.H., Gunasekera, N.,Wijeratnam, S. W., Hewajulige, I. G. N., Weerasinghe, W.M.S.S.K., Kumara, B.A.M.S. (2019). Postharvest treatment of Cinnamon (Cinnamomumzeylanicum) bark oil and hexanal incorporated bio-wax maintains quality and etends marketable life of lime (Citrus aurantifolia swingle). International Journal of Fruit Science : 3-12.
  3. Chandrasiri, G.U., Mubarak, M.N.A., Mahatantila, K., Mahanama, K.R.R. (2019). Single laboratory validation of determination of 13 trace elements in rice by ICP-MS with an overview of challenges encountered. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry 10: 367-376.
  4. Dahanayake, J.M., Perera, P.K., Galappatty, P.G., Fernando, P., Arawwawala, M (2019). Pharmacognostical, physico-chemical and phytochemical evaluation for standardization of three Piper species used in ayurvedic medicine. Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy3 (2): 18 – 28.
  5. Dahanayake, J.M., Perera, P.K., Galappatty, P.G., Perera, H.D.S.M., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Comparative phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activities of tamalakyadi decoction with its modified dosage forms. Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  6. De Silva, D.S.N., Bandara, L.L., Samanmali, B.L.C., Ratnasooriya, W.D., Pathirana, R.N., Abeysekara, W.P.K. (2019). Investigation of sun screening and antioxidant activity of M. indica verWillard”. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 8 (4): 1130-1133.
  7. Divisekera, D.M.W.D., Samarasekera, J.K.R.R., Hettiarachchi, C., Gooneratne, J., Choudhary, M. I., Gopalakrishnan, S., Wahab, A. (2019). Lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented flour of finger millet, its probiotic attributes and bioactive properties. Annals of Microbiology69:79-92.
  8. Dilruni, A.D.G.L., Abeysinghe, D.C., Dharmadasa, R.M., Prathapasinghe, G.A. (2019). Proximate and mineral compositions, bioactive compounds and total antioxidant capacity of different parts of Moringa oleifera Lam. EC Nutrition14 (10): 922-927.
  9. Divisekera, D.M.W.D., Samarasekera, J.K.R.R., Hettiarachchi, C., Gooneratne, J., Choudhary, M. I., Gopalakrishnan, S. (2019). Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic potential from fermented flour of selected banana varieties grown in Sri Lanka. Journal of National Science Foundation Sri Lanka47 (1): 3-16.
  10. Dharmadasa, R.M., Lintha, A., Wijesekara, R.G.S., Abeysinhe, D.C., Ranasinghe, P. (2019). UseHalosarcia indica (Willd.) Paul G. Wilson extracts for low salted dried fish production. World Journal of Agricultural Research7 (4):132-136.
  11. Gunathilaka, T.L., Samarakoon, K.W., Ranasinghe, P., Peiris, L.D.C. (2019). In-Vitro Antioxidant, hypoglycemic activity and identification of bioactive compounds in phenol – rich extract from the marine Red Algae Gracilaria edulis (Gmelin) Silva.Molecules24: 1-16.
  12. Gunawardena, H., Silva, R., Ranasinghe, P. (2019). Human plasma dynamically quenches the fluorescein at the initial point of oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) assay. BMC Research Notes12 (1): 809.
  13. Gunawardena, H.P., Silva, R., Sivakanesan, R., Ranasinghe, P., Katulanda, P. (2019). Poor glycaemic control is associated with increased lipid peroxidation and glutathione peroxidase activity in type 2 diabetes patients. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity: 1–10.
  14. Herath, H.M.T., Samaranayake, M.D.W. (2019). A study on acceptability of fortification of rice flour in Sri Lankan practice a pilot scale study. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences9 (4):1-10. 2019.
  15. Hewageegana, H.G.S.P., Ariyawansa, H.A.S., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Clinical study on the efficacy of VipadikaharaGritaTaila on the treatment of Vipadika skin disease. Journal of Dermatology and Dermatopathology1 (1): 102.
  16. Jayawardana, S.A.S., Samarasekera, J.K.R. R., Hettiarachchi, G.H.C.M., Gooneratne, J., Datta Mazumdar, S., Banerjee, R. (2019). Dietary fiber components, starch fractions and mineral composition of finger millet varieties of Sri Lanka. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis82: 103249.
  17. Jayawardhane, Y., Gunatilake, S.R., Mahatantila, K., Vithanage, M. (2019). Sorptive removal of toluene and m-xylene by municipal solid waste biochar: Simultaneous municipal solid waste management and remediation of volatile organic compounds. Journal of Environmental Management 238: 323-330.
  18. Karunadasa, K.S.P., Manoratne, C.H., Pitawala, H.M.T.G.A., Rajapakse, R.M.G. (2019). Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate (calcite polymorph) as examined by in-situ high-temperature X-ray powder diffraction. J. Phys. Chem. Solids 134:21-28.
  19. Karunadasa, K.S.P., Manoratne, C.H., Pitawala, H.M.T.G.A., Rajapakse, R.M.G. (2019). A potential working electrode based on graphite and montmorrilonite for electrochemical applications in both aqueous and molten salt electrolytes. Journal of Electrochemical Communications 108:106562.
  20. Karunarathne, Y.A.U.D., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M.,Amarasinghe A.P.G., Weerasooriya, T.R., Samarasinghe, U.K.A. (2019). Physico-chemical, phytochemical and nutritional profiles of root powder of Asparagus recemosus (Willd) of Sri Lankan origin. Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy3 (3): 29-35.
  21. Kulathunga, R.D.H., Gunarathna, E.D.T.P., Jayawardhana, N.D.N., De Silava, R.H.S.K., Ranasinghe, R.L.D.S., Faisulhaq, M.H., Samarasinghe, U.K.A., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Phytochemical and physico-chemical comparison: Sri Lankan and Indian varieties of Hemidesmus indicus R. Br Roots. International Journal of Ayurveda4 (5): 1-4.
  22. Kulathunga, R.D.H., Gunarathna, E.D.T.P., Jayawardhana, N.D.N., De Silva, R.H.S.K., Ranasinghe, R.L.D.S., Faisulhaq, M.H., Samarasinghe, U.K.A., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). A comparative analytical study on two types of Sharibadi decoctions: An Ayurveda preparation. Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research8 (3):1-8.
  23. Kulathunga, R.D.H., Gunarathna, E.D.T.P., Jayawardhana, N.D.N., De Silava R.H.S.K., Ranasinghe, R.L.D.S., Faisulhaq, M.H., Fernando, P., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Standardization of ThoravatureTaila: a Sri Lankan traditional formulationused in chronic kidney disease. Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine5 (3): 100-102.
  24. Kulatunga, W.M.S.S.K., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Phytochemical analysis of anti-venom traditional herbal preparation for snake-bite. South Asian Research Journal of Natural Products2 (4):1-6.
  25. Lakshan, S.A.T., Jayanath, N.Y., Abeysekera, W.P. K.M., Abeysekera, W.K.S.M. (2019). A Commercial Potential Blue Pea (Clitoriaternatea L.) Flower extract incorporated beverage having functional properties. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: 1-13.
  26. Munasinghe, M.M.E., Athapaththu, A.M.M.H., Fernando, L.K., (2019). Magnetic and quantum dot nano particles for drug delivery and diagnostic systems. Colloid Science. ISBN 978-1-78985-596-8.
  27. Nupearachchi, C.N., Perera, V.P.S., Samarasingha, K.A., Arawwawala, L.D.A.M. (2019). Secondary metabolic analysis of the pith of selected local banana varieties as a constituents in bio-batteries. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences9 (4): 46 -49.
  28. Rathnayake, R.M.D.H., Dharmadasa, R.M., Abeysinghe, D.C. (2019). Effect of different spacing and fertilizer levels on physical and chemical yield of different parts of Pogostemonheyneanusbenth (Lamiaceae). World Journal of Agricultural Research7 (2): 49-51.
  29. Sadia, S., Shafaq, N., Dharmadasa, R.M., Muhammad, I.J. (2019). Effect of nano-fertilizer and growth hormones on different plants. International Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Sciences11:113-119.
  30. Weerasinghe, R.M ., Pannila, A.S., Jayananda, M.K., Sonnadara, D.U.J. (2019). Real time measurement of acidity and conductivity in rain water. International Journal of Instrumentation Technology 2 (02): 135-147.
  31. Wilson, W.R.S., Fernando, K., Finnis, E., Ranmuthugala, M.E.P., Hewajulige, I.G.N., Subramanian, J. (2019). Reflections on moving agricultural research from laboratory to farm. Economic & Political Weekly LIV (41):36-42.


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