Environmental Technology Section of ITI is equipped with US EPA recommended latest versions for Air Dispersion Modeling (ADM) tools, which can be utilized to predict ambient air quality. Being the pioneer in applying advanced air dispersion methodology in Sri Lanka, every ADM study is done by a team of Engineers certified by internationally recognized hands-on training conducted by Lakes Environmental Software, USA. More than seven (7) years of working experience in this field enable us to analyze more challenging air dispersion modeling scenarios.   

Performance Highlights  


ADM Can Be Effectively Applied In 

              • Industry Permitting/Siting 
              • Design of Stacks
              • Design of Air Pollution Control Systems 
              • “Culpability” Analysis 
              • Prediction of Air Quality (For the existing condition, By varying existing conditions and To find adequacy of mitigation/control technology)
              • Selection of Air Quality Monitoring Locations 
              • Evaluation of the Impact of New Pollution Sources (Industry expansion and/or modification and Proposed projects, EIA, IEE)


Modeling Tools Available @ ITI       

                ADM      ADM2                                     


 Model Output Can Be Represent As

      • Time averaged iso-concentration plots (Ex:1-hr SOX, 8-hr SOX, 24-hr PM10)
      • Effect of a single source or multiple sources (2D and 3D)
      • As an overlay on site map, plant layout
      • Maximum average pollutant concentration and location
      • Maximum 50 or 100 pollutant concentrations with respective locations



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