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Noise and Vibration Group of Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka is an independent acoustical consulting body that has worked exclusively in the field of acoustical engineering since 1995. The institute is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and serves customers both private and government throughout Sri Lanka. We provide a wide range of acoustic, environmental noise and noise/vibration measurements, monitoring and control design services. The Industrial Technology Institute is a premier acoustic engineering consultancy institute in Sri Lanka, that specialized noise/vibration measurement and control for industrial and commercial application, construction activities, thermal power plant, building acoustic/vibration, mining activities and ship building industry.


  Noise and Vibration Monitoring

 Analytical Test Equipment Repairs

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Research and Development






Electronics & ICT

ο  Customized Electronic Product Design & Development

ο  Measurement Automation

ο  Microprocessor Based System Development

ο  Analytical Test Equipment Repair

ο  Customized Scientific Software Development


Awards & Recognitions


Media Publications


Thermal imaging


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