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Research and Development

Activities mainly focus on resolving current issues in the society and trying to provide solutions mainly based on electronics and computer technology. The team has expertise on remote data transmission technologies, micro-controller technologies, web application development for real time data aquasition, processing, viewing etc


Online monitoring system through IoT


With the advancement of technology the world is migrating from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0. With the development of internet the automated manufacturing facilities developed in the era of Internet 3.0 are advancing into SMART manufacturing systems introduced under internet 4.0. With this the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is mainly based on internet 4.0. With IoT, the user can monitor any device over the internet and control them in real-time.

There are mission critical electrical and electronic equipment in pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, super markets etc. The uninterrupted performance around the clock is very important for these equipments. If such equipment shuts down for long time due to sudden power failure, there will be a huge financial loss. Especially when consider the industrial and special freezer systems. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure the performance of the equipment around the clock. In present context one a freezer shuts down due to sudden power cut, it comes to its normal operation when the power restored. However, if there is a power failure (tripping the power circuit) due to lightening or any other accident, the system does not restore until someone physically attend to rectify the issues. The lead time between the failure and the rectification is a variable which depends on many factors.

To address this issue, ETL has developed an application solution to monitor the performance of such critical equipment throughout the clock using IoT. If there is a sudden power failure, the designated officers/people will be notified from a SMS. Once the power restored, again the officers will be alerted through SMS. In this case as the user is aware about the duration of the power failure, there is enough time to take necessary preventive action to minimize the damages.  

In addition, the user can view the performance of the equipment over the internet using personal mobile devices or desktop computer. This gives user friendlygraphical user interface which update real-time. Furthermore, the real-time performance data can be uploaded to a database. As an additional measure, this data can be used to do performance analysis of the equipment.





Wind Speed Measurement System

Wind speed measure jpgWith current energy crisis and the environmental issues related to thermal power generation most people focusing on using renewable energy sources. Therefore most of the companies pay their attention on this and few companies had already launched renewable power generation projects in Sri Lanka after performing the initial studies.

Wind energy is one of major energy source that being developing in world currently. At the moment there are two windfarms operate in Sri Lanka located at Hambanthota and Puththalama. 

In addition to above large scale wind farms there are small companies who interested in setting up their own wind power generation plants to fulfill their energy requirements and help to reduce Carbon emission to the environment.

Before setup wind power plant it is very important to do field study to map the available wind resources. This is a time consuming operation because it is necessary to log the variation of the wind speed and the direction with time at given location.

The anemometer on the weather station use to measure the wind speed and the wind direction instantaneously. To address the above problem ITI designed a portable data logger. Initial wind data logging was done near sea at Dikwella for one hour using the above system. The following distribution of the wind speed was obtained from the gathered data.



With the success of the above field measurement the first wind speed measurement system was requested by BAM Holding (Pvt) Ltd. In order to address the request a wind data logger was developed with the anemometer and the wind wane. The system was designed such a way to mount outdoor environment and to withstand corrosion effects near sea side installations.




Timer based Automated Street lamp System 

street lamp-4

Field trial Street lamps are very important to keep the cities and surroundings alive during the night time. However with the recent energy prices it is necessary to find some alternative solutions to do the street lightening. Even the LED street lamps with solar systems are available in the market it is not feasible to replace the existing street lamps with this technology. Therefore it is necessary to find some alternative solution to use the existing street lamps

In order to over come the above a new timer based switch was developed by ITI in 2011. The system developed by ITI does not have maintenance issue since it uses a timer technology. Also the system is adjusting its ON/OFF time according to the seasonal changes. The developed switch was implemented in the field in and around Bauddhaloka Mawatha at 13 locations as a field trial in 2012 March. At the moment the units are functions without any issue. At the end of this study and during the field study it is necessary to find out the required modifications to the design in order to make the design more reliabls.


Street Lamp ControllerAs the second phase of the street lamp project it is suppose to develop a remote controlling system to switch ON/OFF the street lamps. By performing several R&D trials an innovative solution was developed to control the street lamps remotely. The system consists of a simple RF radio receiver and a filter circuit along with controller unit. A predefined signal patter transmits over the conventional radio channel where the RF receiver receives the signal and triggers the ON/OFF signals through the filter circuit ultimately switch ON/OFF the lamps.

At the moment the technology was developed in the laboratory and tested in the laboratory environment. The lamp switch ON signal and OFF signals are transmitted daily by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation through their sinhala commercial service. So far the laboratory tests are successful and suppose to start the field test with the collaboration with CMC and Lanka Electricity Company (LECO).





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