Accredited Test service

The physical property testing service for Rubber products is accredited by Swedish Accreditation Board (SWEDAC) and Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) with ISO 17025 certification. Food safety analysis for ceramic and glass table ware is accredited by SLAB


Accredited test parameters

  • Heavy metals (Pb and Cd) release from ceramic and glass table ware (ISO 6486 & SLS 1222)
  • Tensile properties of rubber and thermo plastics (ISO 37: 2005)
  • Abrasion resistance of rubber (ISO 4649: 2002 )
  • Density of rubber (ISO 2781:2008 )
  • Hardness “shore A” (ISO 7619-1: 2010)
  • Hardness “IRHD-N” (ISO 48: 2010)
  • Heat ageing (ISO 188: 2007)
  • Compression set (ISO 815-1: 2008)
  • Stress relaxation (ISO 3384: 2005 )

Accuracy of the testing service

Materials Laboratory participate in an international proficiency testing program – “OFI-PTS” annually for all accredited rubber testing parameters to verify the accuracy of test results. All testing equipments are regularly checked using reference standards for functionality and accuracy of readings.

Customized Servces

Materials laboratory provides customized solutions for problems in industrial process, product developments and improvements, and preparation of specification for products.

Concrete mix design

Materials laboratory provides concrete mix design service to construction organizations.

Product Specification preparation

We provide tailor-made solutions for requirement of specifications for purchasing and technical consultancy for the conformity of products.

According to customer requirements and there applicable conditions materials laboratory provide the specification preparation service for there purchasing requirements and technical consultancy service to analyze those products.

Some of our Customers from public sector are

  • Sri Lanka Police
  • Sri Lanka Army
  • Forest Department
  • Prison Headquarters

 Other services

Surface coatings, paints and adhesive testing

Surface coatings and adhesives are tested for physical and chemical properties in accordance with national and international standards to verify their quality and suitability to particular applications.

  • Particle size analysis
  • Viscosity and consistency
  • Heavy metals and toxicity analysis
  • Toughness and resistance to chemicals of dry paint films
  • Resistance to weathering conditions (Ultraviolet radiation, salt environment, Humidity effect and Ozone effect)
  • Flexibility and adhesion of paint to various substrates
  • Adhesion strength of adhesives
  • Testing of solvent cements

Oil testing

Oil and oil based products are tested for the following test parameters.

  • Viscosity (Kinematic and Redwood)
  • Flash point
  • Density

Cable testing

Cables are tested to physical, chemical and environmental resistance as per standard test methods and customized test methods

  • Resistance to weathering of cable insulations and sheath
  • Physical and chemical analysis of conductors
  • Testing of cable insulation and sheath for temperature resistan


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