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D. A. Vajira Nilukshi

Research Scientist

Food Technology Section


B.Sc.(Sp) in Food Science & Technology(University of Sri Jayewardenepura,2010)


Tel: 0776490232                  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Fields

Food Science and Technology

ISO 17025:2017 Quality Management System implementation and Auditing

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation and Auditing

Interest Areas  

Cereal based Products Development

Cereal Technology

Spices Processing

Osmotically dehydrated products processing

Ready to eat Bottled products processing



  1. Rajawardana D.U, Hewajulige I.G.N, Nanayakkara and D.A.V.Nilukshi (2017). Safety assessment and antibiotic susceptibility of potentially probiotic yeasts isolated from dairy sources of Sri Lanka. Extended Abstracts of FoodTechno 2017 (Innovation to Application), 03rd Annual Research Sessions of IFSTSL, BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp 1-5.
  2. Gunawardhana K.V.T., Jayamanne J.M.N.T., Nilukshi D.A.V., Priyangani A.W.D., Samaranayake M.D.W. and Liyanage S.L. (2019). Development of Olu seed (Nymphaeapubescens Wild) incorporated food products and evaluation of nutritional, functional and sensory properties, Proceedings of 4th Biennial Research Symposium, Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka.

Major Projects Undertaken

  • Development and nutritional analysis of water lily seeds incooperated food products (Food Bar, String hopper flour)
  • Development and nutritional analysis of Multigrain String Hopper flour mixture.
  • Development of snack products with local potato varieties (Potato chips, French fries)


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With the aim of confirming the precision of analysis used by the Sri Lankan laboratories on analysis of Metallic Contaminants in foods, the Industrial Technology Institution (ITI) is planning to conduct a proficiency testing programme on Metallic Contaminants ( As, Cd, Pb and Hg) in food under its PECMA (Performance Evaluation of Chemical and Microbiology Analysis) PT scheme. PECMA is a third party, professional scheme, engaged in providing independent evidence of the validity of your laboratory test results. We have successfully conducted several microbiological & chemical proficiency testing rounds during the recent past in collaboration with other institutes/associations. This programme will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17043:2010 (General requirements for proficiency testing) and other applicable international guidelines by our competent staff.


A sample of food containing Metallic Contaminants As, Cd, Pb and Hg (natural amounts in the range of ppm levels) in a reference material (RM) bought from an internationally recognized National Metrology Institution in the region will be used as the proficiency testing sample in this programme. The certified value for heavy metals given in the reference material certificate will be used as the assigned value for this proficiency testing programme.


Details of the PT programme

Registration Form


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Mahila Jayathilaka

Research Scientist



BSc in Chemistry, University of Sri Jayewardanepura


 0112379800 (Ext. 492,493)

Specialized Fields

Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, ISO 17025:2005, ISO 9001:2008


Interest Areas       

Analytical Chemistry







Major Projects Undertaken




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