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Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Noise and Vibration Group of Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka specializes in acoustical engineering consultancy since 1995. We are able to provide services such as Noise/vibration measurement and control for

  • Industrial and commercial applications 
  • Construction activities 
  • Thermal power plant
  • Building acoustic/vibration
  • Mining activities 

In addition to that we provide environmental impact analysis and noise mapping/modeling, for clients in public and private sector in any part of the country.The Noise and Vibration testing facility is accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board with ISO 17025. The services offered by Noise and Vibration Group combine the expertise of physicists, mechanical and electronic engineers. Our well trained staff is fully committed to offer state of the art noise and vibration test services using world class equipment. The equipment used is fully calibrated in order to guarantee the quality of the services that we offer.


Room Acoustics: Science to improve sound quality

Untitled-1  Room Acoustic measurements & modeling is one of the main new service areas of ITI using ODEON-Room Acoustic Software and world best calibrated sound & vibration analyzing equipment of Brüel & Kjær. All the measurement procedures are done according to the ISO-3382- standard of measurement of room acoustic parameters.

 The ODEON software is used world-wide for prediction of room acoustics and PA-systems in Concert and Opera halls, Theatres, Worship spaces, Sports stadiums, Open-plan offices, Foyers, Restaurants, Music studios, Underground and Railway stations, Airport terminals, Industrial environments, and Outdoor areas with complicated geometry.

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Case Studies

room accetl

Industrial Noise Measurements / Analysis According to Local and International Standards



Industrial noise measurement is one of main service offered by ITI using world best calibrated noise measuring equipment with traceability, Provide noise level reports for industries to obtain ISO14000/OSHAS certifications.





Provide Consultancies to Mitigate Noise Pollution & Issue Reports for Proper Noise Insulation and Mitigation Solutions 


CrusherWe are the pioneer among the institutions who offer noise & vibration consultancies and we have offered our service to power plants, sawmills, corrugated cartoon manufacturing plants, steel industry and printing industry & Inspection of noise insulations of machinery in industries and issue reports through noise measurement in order to assure that the noise levels are complied with the legislated noise levels.

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Frequency Analysis of Noise Sources


Analysis of frequency spectrums generated by various machines and noise control through frequency analysis






Issue Noise Reports for EIA Studies

We have the capability to issue noise and vibration measurement reports for environmental impact assessment studies when starting new industries , industrial zones or any other development activity.

Noise Modeling & Noise Mapping

noise map


Noise mapping for existing industries using IMMI soft ware and predict noise levels for proposed industries through noise modeling. The same software can be used to model noise abetment solutions and customize the noise abetment solutions.

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Issue Noise and Vibration Measurement Reports for Ships and Provide Consultancies to Mitigate Noise and Vibration to Meet the International Standards

Ship new


Issue noise and vibration measurement reports inside and out side the ships according to international standers. Provide technical expertise to mitigate noise and vibration issues in order to meet the international standers.

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Industrial Vibration Measurement / Reporting and Consultancies to Mitigate Vibration & Machine Vibration Monitoring and Identification of Faults through Vibration Measurements

 conditin monitering new

Noise and vibration measurement for machinery in order to identify the defects in moving parts by enabling predictive maintenance (maintenance before failure).& Machine vibration monitoring and identification of faults through vibration measurements &We measure vibration generated by machinery in the industry by using world best sophisticated equipment with internationally traceable calibration and provide consultancy to control vibration if limits are exceed.



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