Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process that consists of the pericarp, tegumen, aluerone and sub aluerone layers of the rice grain. This product contains high levels of nutrients including fat ( 18-20 % ), protein (12-15 % ), vitamins (B and E) minerals - iron, calcium and zinc and other functional components. However rice bran is underutilized due to its inherent instability. Immediately following the milling process, rapid deterioration takes place due to the actions of the enzymes lipase and lipoxygenase. As Sri Lanka produces considerable amount of paddy yearly, there is a high potential of producing rice bran incorporated functional foods if proper stabilization techniques are employed. The project aimed to identify suitable stabilization techniques for rice bran of widely consumed Sri Lankan rice varieties, to quantify the changes in the gamma oryzanol levels in rice bran stabilized using different techniques and also to formulate rice bran incorporated functional food.

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