Risk Assessment for Possible Chlorine Leakage 

The risk assessment was carried out using several tools; ALOHA and SLAB models developed by USEPA, and ERG 2008 (Emergency Response Guide Book 2008). The simulated release concentrations considered worst-case and alternative situations such as the release quantity, the physical state, the diameter and height of broken holes/ valves, effectiveness of mitigation systems such as enclosure, scrubber and water spray systems.

Cl storage tanks

Chlorine gas bulk cylinders 


Preliminary Assessment of Risk Associated with Proposed Super Absorbent Manufacturing Process

Risk assessment was done for establishing new project for refining and surface treatment of Carboxy Methyl Starch (CMS). The client requested to evaluate risk associated with transport, storage, handling and processing of these chemicals prior to decision making of this investment. The report has been submitted evaluating the level of risk associated in each process activities including contingency management plan.


Re-Evaluation of Risk Associated with Proposed Surfactant and Detergent Manufacturing Project 

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