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Rubber, Plastic and Foot wear Laboratory


Rubber, plastic and foot ware testing service of Materials Laboratory covers a large area of testing services for polymer and related materials with highly qualified staff that can fulfill standard and customized testing requirements.

Rubber and footwear testing

Rubber and footwear testing service provide testing of raw materials, semi finished and finished products for physical properties and environmental and chemical effect analysis and characterization of materials.

The physical testing services are accredited by Swedish Accreditation Board (SWEDAC) and Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) for ISO 17025. Laboratory participate in “OFI-PTS” international proficiency testing program for rubber physical testing parameters annually, and in year 2011 results revealed the high accuracy of our testing methods.

Footwear testing is done as per the ISO, BS, SLS and customer specified testing methods, Also preparation of product specification for customers. More info

Plastic and Plastic based products Testing

Materials laboratory is capable of providing testing service is accordance with ISO, BS, ASTM and SLS standards for physical and environmental effect analysis and material characterization. More info

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