Testing Services 




Flue gas analysis


Indoor air quality measurement


Duct velocity measurement


Outdoor total VOC measurement







Ambient Air Quality Monitoring


National Important Services

Advisory service for governmental organizations in formulating and implementing of Environmental Policy and



Member of following National Committees

      • Committee for Determining the Siting of High and Medium Polluting Industries Outside Industrial Estates and Export Processing Zones and Industrial Estates
      • National Coordination Committee for the Implementation of the Basel Convention in Sri Lanka
      • Technical Expert Committee for the Reviewing the Guidelines for Implementation of Regulations on Hazardous Waste Management
      • Source Emission Standards Review Committee
      • Effluent Standards Review Committee
      • Technical Advisory Committee for implementation of ISO 14000 
      • Technical Advisory Committees on EMS Certification
      • Committee for Technology Need Assessment, Climate Change Project
      • Committee to Review Guideline for Handling Liquid Healthcare Waste
      • Selection Committee for Geo Responsibility Awards


Outstanding resource person of following Meetings

        • EIA/IEE related technical committees and scoping meetings
        • Expert meeting on SAICM project on PCB in Sri Lanka
        • TEC meetings organized by CEA


Preparation of Environmental Guidelines


Training and Awareness on EMS 

    • Public
    • Target international groups of specific fields
    • Specific (ex: graduates, undergraduates, diploma students)


Providing Model Solutions for Industrial Pollution Control








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