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Room Acoustics: Science to improve sound quality


Irregularities on surfaces of buildings is a fundamental problem that occur. These irregularities cause uneven sound dispersion and absorption reducing the clarity of sound or low sound quality. This is a highly unacceptable when it comes to places such as cinemas, auditoriums and theaters.

However, low sound quality could be improved using Room Acoustic measurements & modeling. In simple terms, sound quality could be measured and remedial steps could be recommended using computer software.

Room Acoustic measurements & modeling is one of the advance service where ITI offers, using ODEON-Room Acoustic Software and sound and vibration analyzing equipment Brüel & Kjær. All measurements are done according to the ISO 3382 standard for measurement of room acoustic parameters.

ODEON is an advanced acoustic modeling software which has won the world-wide acceptance among the researchers and acoustic engineers for prediction of room acoustics and Public Address systems in concert and opera halls, theatres, worship spaces, sports stadiums, open-plan offices, foyers, restaurants, music studios, underground and railway stations, airport terminals, industrial environments, and outdoor areas with complicated geometry.

 The acoustic specialists at Electro Technology Laboratory are well trained in modeling any type of structure and to design optimized acoustic treatment system to achieve required architectural acoustic standards.

 With this facility we, at ITI, are confident in providing more accurate acoustical designs with target reverberation time and clarity with minimal implementation cost for the acoustic treatment system.

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analytical 1


etl1 Analytical Test Equipment Repairs

The repair services provided by the Electro Technology Laboratory help to run the testing services at ITI without any interruption. As a result, the laboratories could deliver the test results on time for their customers.

During past years, the technology has advanced and created innovative new hi-tech electronic products in consumer electronics, health care and diagnostics, life sciences etc. As a result the technology behind analytical test instruments also advanced by introducing more sophisticated digital electronics with software and artificial intelligence to the instruments. During the recent years, ETL was able to gain knowledge in above new technologies and developed the capabilities to handle more complicated repairs in high tech instruments.

 At present we have delivered our repair services to government and private sector research and testing laboratories to maintain their high tech analytical test instruments. Further we offer our services to universities and other government and private educational institutions to maintain and recover their instruments.In addition to recovery services we undertake to refurbish the old instruments with some value addition and make them reuse. Under this service we modify old ovens incubators heat chambers etc with modern state of the art digital controlling systems.


Case Study

"M9 on Rail" Again

In order to improve the train service in year 2000, ten Class M9 locomotives were imported from ALSTOM France. These were the first set of SLR locomotives having AC-AC traction system with microprocessor based control systems. As the new technology was not well known repairs and maintenance work was not done as required and eight locomotives were out of operation for last few years.

A request was made to ITI in September 2009 to inspect the standstill M9 locomotives at the electro loco shade at Maradana. The faulty units were identified as – the VIKING units (engine controller), CRT Units (the driver units of the IGBT’s) and the Dynamic resister grids (used for dynamic braking). Among these units the VIKING unit is the most important part because it is used to drive and control the engine of the locomotive.

In spite of inadequate technical information except for the User Manual, ITI engineers diagnosed the faults and repaired the three units within a reasonable time frame. As a result SLR was able to launce another M9 locomotive for service which help a lot to keep on going service to the public.



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